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Baby panda math

Baby Panda Math Games is a FREE and fantastic math learning app for children ages 4-12 that provides a cool way to start your child’s journey in the world of math.



Date: January, 2022

paranormal entities

You are Cliff, a brand new freelance cameraman for Paranormal Entities, the #2 ghost investigation show on the Hunting and Outdoors Cable Network.  You have been hired to inspect the St. Augustine Asylum for the Mentally Ill.  Are you ready to be a part of Paranormal Entities history?


Date: October, 2020

never apart

This game is heavily inspired by the PT Demo.  You play the sole survivor of the serial killer Darren Bar.  In this dimension, you are stuck in a repeating apartment floor haunted by Darren’s spirit who is trying to complete his ceremony.  


Date: July, 2020

pig farm

The Devil has given you another chance at life but things are not as good as they seem.  Play as Alex as you uncover a chilling story about your father who goes through some troubles after losing his job. 


Date: October, 2019

dungeon escape dl

A 2D mobile game built using Unity’s Tilemap system that is a side-scrolling adventure game in the same vein as Castlevania. 


Date: November, 2018

space shooter

A 3D 3rd person space shooter created on a track similar to StarFox.


Date: June, 2017