Day 6-8: More AI and Inventory

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More work with AI and the Inventory database for the latest update to the game.  Though it may not be noticeable, there are some pretty cool and HUGE updates to AI.  First things first, the enemy no longer works off of a trigger but rather physics.raycast.  Why?  Simply because a trigger can go through walls, but a ray cast can only hit the nearest collider.  If you are behind the wall while the enemy is searching for you, it can’t see you.  That brings a whole new level of gameplay where now, it’s a deadly game of hide and seek.  Also, if the enemy does see you, he growls and then chases you down until he strikes and then the game ends.  But there’s also a rear-attack feature that’s being implemented.  It’s not functional yet, but if you have the right inventory item and you can sneak up behind the enemy without being caught, you can take them down very stealth-like.

The enemy animations have been smoothed out.  They look horrible though.  There is a problem with the C4D character rig exporting to FBX that’s getting ironed out by Maxon now.  As soon as that’s done, the FBX character imports should come in perfectly.

Finally, the inventory system.  Yeah, that thing is a beast.  Poor Jon.  He’s so patient with me and tries to explain what he’s doing, and I just don’t comprehend.  The man is on another level of genius.  I truly appreciate all the hard work he puts in.  Hopefully, the inventory system will be operational and once that is official, then it’s on to cleaning up more enemy AI and setting up some Game Manager story systems.  Should be awesome!

Take care everyone and keep an eye out for another update in the week.


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