Day 4 & 5 – More Enemy AI and Welcome Rake

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Well, have to do some CG work so I can pay those bills, but I wanted to share my latest update.  Item Management should start tomorrow, but the last two days were dedicated to AI for the enemy.  I’m really excited about the enemy behaviors for this game.  Think “The Last of Us” with the clickers.  Once they see you, you are dead.  Your only hope of surviving is to see their pattern and avoid being detected via line of sight.  Additional behaviors will be to distract enemies via tossing glass or other noisy items to draw them away and the ability to sneak behind them and kill them.  Beware though, if they turn and see you, you are dead.  Finally, this game will use plenty of traps.  You can go into any room and find multiple ways to take your enemies out.

The AI is basically composed of a nice little coroutine where the enemy goes to one location, then the next, then the next, and upon stopping, decides to chill for a couple seconds and checks things out.  Once he sees you in his vision, he changes his path to you.  Now I just need to program his animations to run toward you at a high speed and then when he gets within a certain distance, he will leap up and attack.

I’m so excited to see this and to have my buddy, the Rake, in this game… even if it is simply to demo play mechanics.  If you missed his debut, check him out here:  The Rake.

Also, I’ve been getting some questions about game development and basically what’s going on.  I think this can be a fantastic social experiment and though I have an idea for this game, as it develops and you see something that can better the gameplay experience, please send an email.  Give a fool advice, he will hate you; give a wise man advice, he will appreciate you.  Anyways, give the game a whirl and let me know what you think.


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