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Tutorial 6 is one of those interesting tutorials. I’ve always wanted to build a diamond, and though I don’t feel it’s completely realistic, it’s a great lesson in how to model something from scratch. As like the other tutorials, you can download the source files at the bottom of this page. Have fun making this diamond and let me know how sexy you though my voice was in the comments section below!

You’re going to start off with a cylinder, turn it into a polygon, and start modeling it from there. I know a lot of 3D gurus dislike Cinema 4D’s modeling tools, but being naive of other modeling programs like modo, I find what Cinema has works pretty well. And what isn’t there can be accomplished with a little creativity. A lot of the modeling techniques will occur using the knife tool, node selections and rotations.

Materials for diamonds are pretty easy. Primarily, you want to have some nice specularity and put your refractive index up to about 2.4, which is way more than water. Also, in your render settings under options, your default is 5. This is good so you can build quick renders, but for the diamond, we are going to need to increase this. I would put it up to at least 10 so you can get as much detail in the diamond as possible.

The final trick with diamonds is caustics, and more importantly, prism caustics. It’s easy to get light reflecting within a diamond, but diamonds don’t merely reflect light, they bend it and show you the color spectrum. While I haven’t found a way to do that natively in Cinema, you can fake it by using more than one light, and making each one a different color, primarily red, blue and green.

All you have to do after that is render it out and do a little post work in after effects. If you want your diamond to look even more real, you can add an HDRI sky background for added reflection, increase the blur in your reflection, and increase your anti-aliasing settings. Keep in mind though, this will DRASTICALLY increase you render times. To get a copy of my source files, click HERE. Enjoy and keep it sexy you 3D brainiacs out there!


  1. Zinelab
    11 June 14, 12:10pm

    NICE TUTORIAL, Very Very good.

  2. tom
    20 February 14, 9:02am

    incredible *.*

    i thank you so much!!!

    i <3 you


  3. cyril
    30 January 13, 6:34pm

    wow, all your tutorial are great !!!

    i learn a lot !!!!

    many thanks from France !!!

  4. kwibuske
    02 June 12, 7:45pm

    nice tut ๐Ÿ™‚ but 1comment:
    you should use ‘copy data interface’ and paste it in ‘user data’ with the xpresso part so that beginners don’t have to worry about the types (interger, float, …)

  5. Adam
    06 April 12, 7:02am

    I’m new to C4D and this was very helpful, thank you.

    My diamond: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIUXrz55VKo

  6. 22 January 12, 1:43am

    I believe you can blur your reflections. Careful though. It drastically increased the time of render. You can also blur your HDR to help speed up rendering.

  7. Dean Gatenby
    21 January 12, 7:50pm

    Awesome tut. been on with it for hours no and i cant get the quality of refractions your getting mine are far too sharp while yours seem to be raped in areas and look much softer. any ideas?

  8. 15 December 11, 7:44pm

    Thx Al for sharing your great tutorials.

    Greets from munich

  9. neon
    25 October 11, 3:46pm

    Big Thanks from France, Very good tuts ;).

  10. 18 August 11, 4:07pm

    It’s in the final cut suite stock music library. If you open Soundtrack, you should be able to find it.

  11. 18 August 11, 3:43am

    I might be out of theme ๐Ÿ˜›
    But I would like to ask what is the song in RenderReady intro…
    I think I heard it somewhere else too but I can’t find it.

  12. 09 July 11, 1:25pm

    Truly too long. But really, are there such a thing as fast 3d renders?

  13. 09 July 11, 12:41pm

    Render time Please? ; | I think is Too short?!

  14. semi
    09 June 11, 1:58am

    It’s amazing how you do that.

  15. 25 May 11, 5:18pm

    Thank you sir!

  16. 25 May 11, 10:15am

    What a great resource!

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    Got it! Thnkas a lot again for helping me out!

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    Cool! That’s a cveler way of looking at it!

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  29. Bail Suresh
    26 April 11, 1:23pm

    Nice tutorial. I am not able to open the source file in my cinema4d R11.5

  30. Tedris
    10 April 11, 11:38am

    Just use the phong tag to get rid of the smooth blending between faces…

    delete it or adjust it.

    beside that good tut. thanks

  31. astovlBMB
    11 March 11, 9:15am

    wooow realistic diamonds… tnx Al Heck very nice tutZ

  32. jo sol
    15 February 11, 5:13am

    thank you ! gam sa ^^_

  33. dewagehu
    08 February 11, 1:52pm

    finally i found great diamond tutorial..!!!

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