Tutorial 5 | Oceanic Water – Part 2


Now that 60 hours have passed and you have successfully rendered out your sequence, we can move forward and start building the rest of the content in After Effects. Due to high demand, I put the AE file I made as a downloadable link at the bottom of this page. You really don’t need it, but if you want, it’s there for you to have.

If I were redoing this project again, I would start off by creating the horizon using a layer, turning it 3D and positioning it to be flat. Then add a displacement noise channel, match the color and tone, and shrink the waves down so it blends into your oceanic water texture.

Another way to help increase the belief of the two textures meeting is to add the 3D Fog effect. This can be found in the effects panel under 3D channel. This only works on RPF sequences, so don’t waste your time with a TIFF. The cool thing about this effect is that it turns things white based on the depth, which you can adjust. Real friendly effect and it’s good to use because this is how things look in real life, where the further they get, the less color and contrast they produce. I’m guessing it’s because you end up seeing more atmosphere (look, I’m not a scientist, but that answer would totally fly in Trivial Pursuit).

To finalize your composition, don’t forget to add some sky, sunlight, and do some final color corrections to blend your scene together. You can also adjust the tone from day to afternoon simply by adding an adjustment channel and changing the hue/saturation. All of my shots were using the same lighting, so it’s a really effective technique.

I am attaching my AEP file as well as any additional textures right HERE. Keep in mind, this AEP will ask to reconnect the footage because the file paths were based on my computer and not yours. Also, you will need to render out the 3D footage in the prior exercise and I don’t have the ability to download my sequence (it’s freaking huge!). But that doesn’t matter, because you were looking for an excuse to render so you can play some Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, weren’t you? P.S. – my username is “prariedoggie” if you wanna blast the undead together!

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  1. Spaz
    16 July 13, 5:36pm

    Why have I only found your site now? Love this tutorial. Thank you 🙂

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