Space game shown at NAB 2017

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NAB 2017 was a blast this year. Not only did I get to show off my latest content as a freelance motion graphic designer, but show off the game I’ve been working on for the last 2 months. It’s great because it shows how C4D and it’s modeling tools and BodyPaint tools can be integrated into the Unity game engine for some pretty outstanding results. As far as the game synopsis goes, here is... Read More ››

1 Month – 1 Level

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So I’m a pretty big gamer and about 3 years ago, I started taking private lessons from Jonathan Weinburger (google him) to learn how to write C# in Unity. I must say, after a year of instruction and 2 years at some failed video game concepts, I think I’m finally starting to tap gold. The idea was to build a space shooter with similar controls like StarFox with the graphical look of a Battlestar... Read More ››

2016 Demo Reel

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Here is the latest Demo Reel for 2016. Plenty of work here over the last 3-4 years. Keep in mind though, there is double the amount of work that I simply couldn’t show due to NDA restrictions. Take a look and love to hear what you think! Al Read More ››

Day 18 – 30: Workflow from C4D to Unity

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Click here to play Build 1! Click here to play Build 2! Click here to play Build 3! Click here to play me! **Standard FPS movement used here.  WASD for movement, mouse to look around** I used to be the biggest hater of BodyPaint in C4D.  Now I’m converted.  BP is truly the only thing that allowed me to build this room.  What a FANTASTIC tool that can allow you to really fool the... Read More ››

Day 12 – 18: Real work on Camera System

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Play the Game Now Well, this was a lot of work.  The camera system needed some real work.  I originally thought I could set two game objects between each other and have a float go from 0-1, placing the camera between dependent on where the player was.  Tried using a Lerp, but lerp is completely dependent on time, not floats.  Therefore, did some really crafty system where I create 5 Vector stops between cameras... Read More ››