Tutorial 1 | The Basics – Part 2

For the second part of tutorial 1, we’re going to dive into After Effects. In order to import this file properly into Cinema, you need to add the plugin which is buried in the Maxon/exchange plugins/aftereffects and copy it and then place it into Adobe After Effects/plug-ins/format. Then get ready to have some fun with the RPF sequence. The first you should do is import the AEC (After Effects Composition) into your projects window. Read More ››

Tutorial 1 | The Basics – Part 1

This tutorial is the introduction into the pipeline integration of Cinema 4D and After Effects. This is aimed at properly setting up your 3D scene and exporting the RPF sequence into After Effects for maximum control.  We’re first going to start off with a little bit of modeling, and cakes are always fun to make because they’re very easy. If you want to skip to the part where we start rendering out content, move forward to the 10:50 mark.  At that point, I begin to add the compositing tags, buffer channels, and set up my render sequence so that... Read More ››