Tutorial 9 | Blow and Pop

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE START FILE FOR THE BLOW AND POP TUTORIAL! This tutorial will go over how to take an object, inflate it like a balloon, then make it pop with debris falling everywhere. We will use a combination of dynamics, cloth, tear and pressure to make this happen. Though the actions are pretty complex, with the new dynamics engine introduced, this simulation is actually very simple. But because of the new C4D parameters, the files and tutorial I am about to give to you should only be attempted if you have R12 or above. R11.5 won’t... Read More ››

Tutorial 8 | Condensation on a bottle

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE START FILE FOR THE CONDENSATION ON A BOTTLE TUTORIAL! This tutorial will challenge us to create condensation on a beer bottle using mograph. The mograph module in this situation will be used to take random water droplets and “paint” them onto the surface of our bottle geometry. Fortunately, we don’t need to create the bottle or our water droplets. Click on the “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE START FILE FOR THE CONDENSATION ON A BOTTLE TUTORIAL!” above and let’s start building an awesome glass of RenderReady lager, ultra-thick and completely awesome. Let’s go over... Read More ››

Tutorial 7 | Can Condensation

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE START FILE FOR THE CAN CONDENSATION TUTORIAL! Let’s start this tutorial by downloading and opening up the Tutorial 7 – start file.  To create a really good looking mixture of water beads on the can, we need to first add our bump channel and then our displacement channel. Create a new texture that will be the bump map.  Set your color to black, turn off specular and turn on transparency.  Let’s use the following settings in the transparency channel: Refraction = 2 Brightness to 95% Fresnel Reflectivity to 35% Blur to 4% This will make... Read More ››

Tutorial 6 | Diamonds

Tutorial 6 is one of those interesting tutorials. I’ve always wanted to build a diamond, and though I don’t feel it’s completely realistic, it’s a great lesson in how to model something from scratch. As like the other tutorials, you can download the source files at the bottom of this page. Have fun making this diamond and let me know how sexy you though my voice was in the comments section below! You’re going to start off with a cylinder, turn it into a polygon, and start modeling it from there. I know a lot of 3D gurus dislike... Read More ››

Tutorial 5 | Oceanic Water – Part 2

Now that 60 hours have passed and you have successfully rendered out your sequence, we can move forward and start building the rest of the content in After Effects. Due to high demand, I put the AE file I made as a downloadable link at the bottom of this page. You really don’t need it, but if you want, it’s there for you to have. Read More ››

Tutorial 5 | Oceanic Water – Part 1

This tutorial will hopefully show you how to create oceanic water in Cinema 4D. I actually fell on to this by accident, but it’s actually been a pretty good way of creating that water look. The whole trick is creating an animated displacement channel, and deep inside the multiple color channels is a noise channel with the ability to be animated. And as a special bonus, I have attached the 3D file at the bottom of this tutorial. I hope you have fun with it! Read More ››