Recent Work

TSK Architects

Here’s a project I did with MG Studio, located in Las Vegas. I only worked on the building of Las Vegas for the first 30 seconds. It was one of those “how do we pull this off” kind of... Read More ››

Vegas’ SkyVue Observation Wheel

Here’s a project I did with MG Studio, located in Las Vegas. Michael’s team went out and shot time-lapse footage of where SkyVue will be located and I projection-mapped the ferris wheel into the scene. With a little post... Read More ››

A World of Taste Under One Roof

Here’s a project I did for a crowd-sourcing competition site. Though I didn’t win, I did manage to get runner up. The theme was how this brand is a global brand and is enjoyed around the world. For this... Read More ››

M life Awareness Campaign

This M life Campaign was a web-only campaign produced for the MGM Resorts International and one of the last projects I worked on while at MGM Resorts International. We were initially inspired by the T-Mobile campaign. The clean background... Read More ››

BB King Bar and Grill Advertising

BB King Bar and Grill at the Mirage is an awesome venue. Live music every night, fattening food, great macaroni and cheese as well as ribs … you simply can’t have a better night. Outside the venue, there are... Read More ››

Frightdome Commercial 2011

This piece was created in about 3 days. We were given a short turnaround and because of that, we relied primarily with AE. The music was pretty cool though and we were supplied with an ample amount of video... Read More ››