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Here is the new game development blog using Cinema 4D and Unity. Check out the latest blogs to see the most recent news, adjustments, and overall growing pains of a first-time game developer.

The Ultimate Guide to Character Art Using Unity and Cinema 4D

Hi Everyone, so I’ve been really excited to share this – The Ultimate Guide to Character Art using Unity and C4D. It’s a course that teaches you how to... Read More ››

Space game shown at NAB 2017

NAB 2017 was a blast this year. Not only did I get to show off my latest content as a freelance motion graphic designer, but show off the game... Read More ››

1 Month – 1 Level

So I’m a pretty big gamer and about 3 years ago, I started taking private lessons from Jonathan Weinburger (google him) to learn how to write C# in Unity.... Read More ››

Day 18 – 30: Workflow from C4D to Unity

Click here to play Build 1! Click here to play Build 2! Click here to play Build 3! Click here to play me! **Standard FPS movement used here.  WASD... Read More ››

Day 12 – 18: Real work on Camera System

Play the Game Now Well, this was a lot of work.  The camera system needed some real work.  I originally thought I could set two game objects between each... Read More ››

Day 9 – 11: Inventory Systems and Matte Painting

Woah, it’s been a while (2 weeks) since I last posted.  Lots of work to do and in between the hours of motion tracking/CG stuff, I’ve had a little... Read More ››

Day 6-8: More AI and Inventory

Play the Game Here! More work with AI and the Inventory database for the latest update to the game.  Though it may not be noticeable, there are some pretty... Read More ››

Day 4 & 5 – More Enemy AI and Welcome Rake

Play the game now! Well, have to do some CG work so I can pay those bills, but I wanted to share my latest update.  Item Management should start... Read More ››

Day 3 – Item, Animation, and AI

Play the Game Here!!!! On to Day 3, where we made some significant progress in the realm of animation, Item Management, and the beginning of AI.  The first thing... Read More ››