Now that you’ve checked out my tutorials and are making awesome stuff, wouldn’t it be nice to reward yourself with a little coinage for all your hard work? I believe you should, and I have a unique business opportunity for you. Don’t just let your training, computer and software sit on a shelf pushing out resumes all-day, 7-days a week. Get up and get working today.

We over here at Renderready, LLC have a unique perspective on the industry. Back in the old days, people worked for a factory, simply because the factory had the machines to do the work. People were then “cogs” in the machine and if they left the factory, they could never produce the same quality items on their own. Now with the introduction of the Internet, High-Speed connections, video chat, e-mail, smart phones and prosumer computers/cameras, every individual can now be their own factory. This is the direction the market is going and there is no sign of slow down.

I have my own factory going and I have clients that call looking for a variety of interesting projects. Some want 3D architectural renderings. Some want :30 commercials. Some want games on their ipad. Some want websites. Some even want prototypes for their latest invention. Now I can’t run the factory working on the floor. That’s where I need you.

I’m looking for freelancers. If you own your computer, software and are available, I would love to hire you out for some freelance work. The pay is reasonable and in an economy with fluctuating employment, it’s always good to have a tap to drink from during a drought. If you need more work, I can find you more work, but if you just need enough to make your Christmas shopping list, that can be done as well.

All you need to do is go to the Contact Page and tell me your name, your rate, what you’re good at, and MOST IMPORTANT a link to your demo reel! The all important reel will let me know what I can hire you for. From there, I’ll get you the client, give you all the info/assets you need and we can build something great from there.

I truly look forward to hearing from you and let’s make some money together!!!



  1. 10 October 12, 9:39pm

    Hi, I’m from Lisbon, Portugal and I just did a freelance job with Al.
    I came to this site a few months ago and sent my reel and information to Al, hoping I could get some Freelance work. A few weeks ago Al contacted me for a job and now I have finished my part and he already paid me.
    So there are jobs out there guys!

  2. 02 October 12, 8:22pm

    Hi, I do not have a reel, per se, but can send you small animation clips. Please let me know, Craig

  3. 19 June 12, 7:45pm

    hi All, i read that you are realy busy with lots of work.
    have been inspired by you in blow and pop tutorial, and came um with the breaktrough of one of the intros that you show from those advertises.
    I worked out with realflow and c4d, and i enjoyed that i comed up with how he did that i made a video that you should see its not só good looking as your blow and pop but its quite nice – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ziLo4a3LxM
    hope you like it i am positive shure that i can work some tutorials on realflow and cinema4d after effects its realy not my strong but i can work my ass off on c4d and realflow.
    i would love to make a breaktrough the one of the letter splash on the ground.
    cheers and all the best for your work.

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