Day 18 – 30: Workflow from C4D to Unity

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Click here to play Build 1!

Click here to play Build 2!

Click here to play Build 3!

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**Standard FPS movement used here.  WASD for movement, mouse to look around**

I used to be the biggest hater of BodyPaint in C4D.  Now I’m converted.  BP is truly the only thing that allowed me to build this room.  What a FANTASTIC tool that can allow you to really fool the eye into believing something is higher resolution than it actually is.  Had some work inflow come in so instead of being fully committed to development in January, I started to figure out my workflow last week.  After about 3 days of hitting my head against the desk, I finally found a fantastic workflow to use real 3D renders, project onto newly UVW mapped geometry in BP, then paint on more details to dirty the image up.

What you’re looking at here is a room that is composed of about 5k triangles, 5 textures, all 1024 x 1024.  There is always more room to optimize, but this is pretty fantastic right now.  Try the quick demo and walk around the room to get an idea of the detail that goes into this.  Also, there is no lighting.  Everything is baked in as it currently exists.  If this is functional enough, I may move on to the rest of the model next week.  Once that’s completed, look for some character development via painting/sculpting/animations.  Then it’s putting everything together!

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  1. Matt Laurence
    23 January 19, 4:16am

    Hey man, I know this is old by your standards, but your links re broken and I’d love to check out the builds!

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