Day 9 – 11: Inventory Systems and Matte Painting

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Woah, it’s been a while (2 weeks) since I last posted.  Lots of work to do and in between the hours of motion tracking/CG stuff, I’ve had a little time to dabble in this game engine.  So, Jon and I have made some pretty significant progress.  We finished the base of our inventory system.  Also added a NPC (Non-playable character) that has dialogue when approached.  This has been some tedious stuff, but there is a goal in sight.  This demo can be played here:

Play the game engine update!

Now, no game will be useful if it looks horrible, right?  So I spent a little time late at night building a simple hallway in 3D.  Now my main goal is to do projection matte painting to reduce the draw call amount so it will run on Da-Da-Dah!!!… IOS.  If you don’t know, a draw call is a material that is drawn on screen.  Texture on floor is 1, texture on character is 1, bump of character is 1, shadow on floor and character is 2, GUI can be many depending on complexity.  Simply put, these add up fast.  So instead of building this using a fully interactive, poorly detailed 3D scene to minimize draw calls, I’m opting for the resident evil approach with many camera angles.  Each camera angle will have a background, mid, foreground elements.  Hopefully, I can reduce draw call counts down to 6 or so.

Play the textured demo!

Now here’s the brutal truth about IOS games… they’re limited.  A Playstation 3 game can have over 1,000 draw calls.  That’s why they look so good.  For IOS, you need to keep it at max around 30.  Yup, I said 30.  After that, you get instability in your game, crashes, and poor reviews.  So, looks like this is the approach I’m going to fix/optimize this C4D file for Unity and hopefully soon, I should be able to marry the two together so this player will be able to walk through the entire scene.

More to come soon.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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