Day 2 – Camera and Nav Meshes

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Hi Everyone,

I officially call this Day 2 since the last couple of days have been nothing more than tying up loose ends and other client projects.  I imported a character into my scene with a sample hallway.  This will be my testing grounds for my game.  If you would like to give it a whirl, click on this link here:

Play the Game!

Basically, it’s a simple test for how this game will play.  It only works using the left mouse button.  This is done specifically because I’m aiming at an IOS game and the most successful ones know that the game must be playable with one finger.  Just click where you want the character to go and also try having him walk though the door.  This is done through a combination of Raytracing and NavMeshAgents.  Pretty cool stuff, huh?  Also, Unity’s mecanim is phenomenal and really easy to use as an animator.

For the next day of development, I’m hoping to get the character moving based on his either idle/walk cycle.  Then hopefully, I can get him to pick things up.

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