3D Camera Tracking


Wide angle shots of cities, mountains, and vast green fields are beautiful and necessary to convey your message. There are some occasions where using projection matte painting is the smart thing to do. Other times, the footage exists already, but there needs to be alterations to the shot. Rubble, a new building(s), roads, people, or copy in the scene to make it perfect. This is all achievable through 3D camera tracking.

Basic idea is hundreds of points are individually tracked frame to frame. Once complete, it’s run through many algorithms and your camera, depth and points on random or specific objects are then available to you in 3D space.

A great example is a skyline that needs additional buildings but the shot is rotating because it’s on a helicopter. Additional elements can be added because the camera focal length, movement and rotation can be interpreted if there is enough information. From there, it’s easy to add new elements such as giant titles, a chopper flying through the city, or painting destruction onto the buildings themselves.

Because this technology is still in a very young stage, there aren’t too many examples of it being used in the advertising world but used in many movies. But if your project requires this type of work, then let’s not be shy about exploiting the opportunity to build something great together. Click on the contact page, send me some information on what you are looking to do, draw up a contract and make some amazing stuff happen!

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