Animated Title Sequences


First impressions mean everything. In fact, huge amounts of money ride on first impressions. Apple can easily package their iPhones into a plastic case similar to a Gilette razor and hang them on their walls for customers. It would be easier, cost effective and the client still gets everything they needed. Instead, each phone is placed into a custom enclosure, then folded with a handbook, earplugs and USB power supply, which is then wrapped in plastic and enclosed in a pure white box emblazoned with the iPhone logo in silver type. It’s then given to you by an apple associate who check you out personally with their own iPhone. That’s an impression. The approach screams that the item you just purchased is extremely valuable and our company believes and cares for each individual iPhone that leaves this store.

Same can be said with animated title sequences. They are flashy, sexy and intended to tell your story yet keep the viewer hungry for more. It’s goal is to leave the impression you want on your potential customer. It says “I was well thought out, I was expensive, and I will be well worth your time. Even if you choose not to buy me or align yourself with my ideas, you will respect me when this animation is over.”

Animated title sequences are heavily used for opening and ending credits to a film or short story. They are used in online content, video podcasts and sales presentations. They are used in advertising, commercials on television and commercials on the web. And more often than not, it surpasses the “infomercial” way of selling your product or ideas. Why is that? Because in the end, we love art. We are intrinsically drawn to it, we respect it, and we admire it even if we don’t know it. And that’s great advertisement. It doesn’t beat you over the head and try to convince you to buy it. It simply tells you that there is something missing in your life and here it is.

Great animated sequences are 2D, 3D, and can mix video into it as well. It can take your logo and make it come to life. It establishes a theme and feel to your brand and can help establish a culture for your product, organization or idea.

Here are several image examples of what animated titles can look like and also a link to one of my demo reels so you can see how it all comes together in real time. Then imagine what it can do for you and your company.

If you would like a quote or discuss how you can obtain some animated title sequences for your upcoming project, click here.

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