Reunion X Kickstarter Trailer

Recent Work

This was a kickstarter production that has already reached it’s goal. I worked with Mathias Omotola from MAXON USA and this is a web mini-series that is scheduled to complete this year. This piece was quite a challenge and was geared to the older way I rendered 3D with complete models and highly detailed materials rather than projection rendering. But it was quite an amazing piece to work on and I was asked to build space stuff. Who would fight that?

The concept for ReunionX is best described in the following excerpt: As earth approaches 2012, it also approaches the time of The Next Portal, a moment during which the great archangels wish to start evolution over from the beginning. Morgan, a yoga teacher in Los Angeles, will find out her true heritage as an Atlantian being while being torn between Jonathan, the one she thought she loved, and Maitreya, the one who will guide her towards a greater destiny than she ever could have imagined …

I truly do hope this mini-series is successful and it was a blast working with Mathias.

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