Been absent for a while…


Hey guys, sorry about the delay. Been absent for a while. I’ve been working on a much larger project for tutorial 10 that combines projection man with bodypaint. It will be truly epic, but it’s going to take a while to build. Please be patient as this process has been pretty intensive, but the results have been spectacular.

Also, I’ve been using this new plugin called nitroblast. What an amazing plugin and it’s essential to what I’ve been creating. For $80, it’s a wonderful deal and nitroman continues to update this plugin with so many essentials. I purchased thrausi and catastrophe prior and this new update is well worth the price. Little things like cracks, displacements, and vertex map painting is huge!!!

I may put out some smaller tutorials, but that may delay the production of the big one. What do you think? Would you rather have a few more smaller tutorials, or are you good to wait for the next huge one to come out. Love to hear your opinions.


  1. 12 February 12, 7:50pm

    Yeah, just transitioning right now. Have a couple projects that will give me some cashflow so I can make some more tutorials. Hope you are well and will hear from me soon!

  2. 02 February 12, 9:07am

    Hey Al,

    whats up? Didnt hear long time from you? Are you still alive?


  3. Joe
    20 December 11, 2:59am

    Hey Al, i wouldent mind at all if you used plugins. By the way i would like to thank you for your ocean tutorial, it really saved me. As a suggestion i would do a rocket animation tutorial with pyrocluster and such. It would help a bunch of people.

    Thanks for all your head work on your tutorials!

    -Joe K

  4. 15 September 11, 5:57pm

    Hi Al, I’m another fan of your tutorials. You will have no doubt about it, if you check my channel.

    I started with cinema about one year ago and I’m happy about all kind of your tutorials. Like Zeno Flore I prefer tutorials without any plug-ins, just because I first like to learn more about cinema before I’m thinking about buying another stuff.
    Anyway, your tutorials are great! I’m looking forward for the next.

    If you like to see the results of your training 😉 , here you can check it out:

    Greetings from Germany,

  5. 19 August 11, 4:17pm

    Sounds good. Plugins can be a pain, but really, it’s hard to do things without plugins anymore. But I’ll see if I can find a couple. As far as the pasting keyframes issue, I know I’ve run into the copy/pasting keyframes. It’s important to make sure you click on the timeline first then paste the timeline in. Also, it pastes the timeline keyframes based on where your keyframe was originally, so if the frames you are copying are on frame 50, but your starting point is at 0, then when you paste them into frame 100, they’ll show up on 150. Hope all is well and I’ll check up on your reel soon!


  6. Zeno Flore
    18 August 11, 8:33pm

    Hi Al, been following your tutorials, with great pleasure. But I’d like more basic one’s though, since I just started working with this amazing software,especially ones that don’t require any plug-ins, just stuff I can do with R12.
    But hey, thats just my opinion :), so feel free to surprise us with what u want.
    BTW, I tried your last one , but somehow, I can’t select two keyframes at the same time,and copy-paste them in the standard viewport timeline,like u do. Is it something I’d have to change in my settings or might it be a problem with my licenced copy of R12, or my computer? I run it on windows by the way.
    Anyway, I really like your tutorials, I’m a big fan.
    If u’d like, and can find the time,check out what I’ve done so far,on my showreel :

    Greetings, Zeno Flore

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